I have, in the past, referred to the following poem as either an acrostic or a telestich. It is neither, though part 1 does contain a telestich. It is an extended exercise in military acronymic designation, where Company B is called Bravo, for example, or where the acronym BILL might be called Banjo Igloo Lama Lama. The American military has specific words assigned to each letter; I allowed myself the leeway of choosing my own, and also, occasionally, of making the resulting word-chain grammatical.


The source text is a letter my father wrote to my mother on Thursday, May 11, 1944. The letter contains 3,160 characters. I went through the letter twice; thus each part of this poem contains 3,160 words. Each word of the letter constitutes a line of the poem.


In Part 1 my goal was to avoid repetition and construct a primitive grammar of substantives, modifiers, and verbs, avoiding particle words like prepositions and articles. In the first part, also, I encoded the acknowledgements, a more detailed explanation of the origin of the letter, in a telestich which reads down the right hand margin. There are two "typos" in the telestich, despite my diligence during composition. The first is an omitted word and the second an omitted letter.


In Part 2 I performed the same exercise on the same letter, but this time with the grammatical objective opposite that of Part 1. Here I tried to make the word-chain as grammatical as possible, consequently using more repetition and particle words.


Despite appearances, I have found it is quite possible to read the surface and the encoded text(s) simultaneously.


I began this project May 11, 2003, and finished it this morning.


Bill Lavender

New Orleans

February 14, 2004






Thursday May 11, 1944


Part 1 | Halfway through Part 1 | Part 2 | Halfway through Part 2





Part 1


Despite early amnesia rorschach engages standard target

Practices recall eros claiming icons outlast useful scenario,



goalless otherworldly thaw


twas wind official

less ethics tooth tenders erasure regarding subtopia

few realize oms mirv

you outdo use

yet escalation stands terrain eradicated radiant damaged a yachtsman

does a teacher edit daisied


waning and yellower


balanced and called kwangchow

bullets utter truer

thoughts heat eying yaqui

weaving erebus recapturing esprit

swelling well eellike ethylene title

another noncommittal dias



wants asbestos sorbetto


glorified latency addressing devilfish

torpid octopi

genuine etcetera tatters


thin heroes embolding macaw.

Manifestos aint interested neither essay stumbles thesauri

think hiring ingenuity nulls grief

isthmus sacrifice


yoga outwits utopianism

sees everything emaciated maggoty


totalitys opium

before ego

linked ikonographic kissing if not gauntest

yoemen our urals relish

joining obdurate boathouse

beasts etch the tethers eruptive radar


southern occultism

belies yanqui

no one will

maintain aylments yet behave embittered

your outings unanchor

aridity releasing eyehole

no other tabloid


solidified onomastic

dialectical isotopes sailing salient along times ileum sic fides ie edited dharma

wildly it theorizes human

erratic verity erstwhile rhyme yet things hinge in nothings grin.


hoping opened periscopic emotion


yonder outlets upswell

doting omega

not on tv

letteral ethos tape

your ounces urging rigged selfish elfish lenten fin

guess even toed

tom ooed oblique

tiresias in red edsel dower


soporific of

Jesting erratic railroad rye your

win illness llamas libido

no other tic ices celibate ejaculum


its topnotch.


goatherds offer this


history is showmanship

less effort to threaten early radio

yes esthetes stared tentatively ere radium days ate yearbooks

and none daydreamt


in tripoli

washed as saffron


gourds over our decampment.

Help entrench

the old leveraged domicile


mercy eats

abs but our utterance too


more or roadworthy ontologies net

the hat and torch


didnt identity don nested trusteeship

call anything touching choirish hysteria

this hell epigrammatic

bastard alembic lunatic lei.

Antidote nodding disproof

heather envoi

sees etymologies not traffic


mercifully efficient


laboring at tense euphonism


diaphony is spatial patterned after this churchy hieroglyph

onerous nirvana

accumulated chords cooling out untrammeled no tropicbird


often fate

this heady erection

scent counts ought uttered tearful

highland ire keels eucalypti

bare ether intrigued no gunslingers

cacaphonic albatross lilting left enacted devilment

offending for forbearance.



enjambed noise joyless oyesses yet educible dei

island talisman


veritably erose ryegrasses yet

musing under chinese hookah.

Nothing owns wellhole


insipid flu


cancels another nazi

get events testament

For aye yr regents escape stone

to odored dalliance and yellowweed


thimbles have at thimbles

window illness less leftist

bettered enigma

god oozes odd diplomat

to overt ordnance.



walked and never dear eras retread eddied dandelion

as lace lacuna

ardent routers outed unpenitent newbie derv

inquiring nervily


this heated ennui

jumbles under nether glow leafy erelon


anatomically nebulous dataflow

alsace lorraine lasso

overly verifiable entropy rustler

loses others to surregional

open feud


batture at the tendril’s leading eyebrow

figures innocently elicit lest dead sahara

yellow estuary state terms ere rabid daze and yellower


answer nouns denouncement

islam tomorrow

island segundo



the easy riding ringboned ibis bleating last elocution

though hawking inadequately nudges god


how owning wow

muses upscale chateau hysteria

amicable muffled muse under nitrogen itself til iodized on neologisms


wasted as stigmata

scoring hopeful otic tabulations

upended perceptions

onward narcissi

this history is shirking

I slandered land and needed dustbin.

Every version errs roughly yet when hot errs rightly editable



wearily entertaining not that

this haste emptily reopens embryo


we elderly riders effect

forbidding oxheart xenolith

hoarding olive lees escaping sage


another neanderthal deadpans

movement or relative emergence

from orbital xenophobia


hence oligarchic lions elect sahib

and need disguise

embalmed maps pin terse yardage

careful art retired trader riding id delegates genuine ess


she heals eloquently listing like squab

even verbal erasure reads your whole heart ere rails erode.


wan and sepia

of utterance thou

founders over urban raconteurs

hopeful ouvres unless restated skiffle


answer no ditto



sweet weather eating altitude tells european debauch

my yogi

selling elevation lives flexions


in nihilists stark ideology defying evangelic

outmaneuvering utterance too.

Incapacitys nation

thwarts heroic estimates

jumbled ungainly niggling ghast let extravagant

theses hear erotica recant endpaper

in situ

no other tantric


braille revisited earth at the hifi

of flamingo

aflutter in rayon


androgyny nodding debtee

that he executrix

hum umbrage mid id ditty i to yelp

it’s satellite

sans obstructor

great reissued eastern attitude termini

the hat at table

its talisman

i shamanic

albeit lamentable moving ossiers slight throne


impish missions pose ogrish

tools objective


bleats reiterated ease at the hens eyebrow.

Buttressed utterance telecaster


talking antique keels ectoblast

sober omniscience


malled antithesis naying yam

vitriol it tames amid minutely invigorated nonsense sarcology


ancients needing decorum

ironic robes on nitro

antics never decent

so alternate litters telestich

the happiness all teutonise



did i don new toga

note other titles icarus called emancipation


a nice yerba

if lilted leitmotiv

english fearing falling eccentric contents tool sandstone

affable fighters though elapsed runner


handles any dung

gold on tie


summer overcame mans echo

cool over old luff


writing and tearing erstwhile ratio

and nodding definition

haltingly added dazzle


resisting established sense tested edicts doleful


fuzzy ewes whet

minute inmate name usurers testing early sellout.

I flee

voicing its tame amity mining its noir


Because one needs executorship

do open essentialists share notes tollgate

do other


ambitious noodleheads yank thoth higher in needless goad

elephant loose sere errata

inimitable twittery


hovering ellipses lapse putridly sallow


feeling elegant long low oxbows watusi

onto nymphal

reaction english colocation up perilous error rating at thoughts in nosedive



from room or miniscule


earnings xed travels rambling anyhow

ernest xerces exacted ration tins in old nicosia.

Thistles heal eelgrass


hinder illusions long lasting semicoma


calm limbs imbedded mid beeswax eddying delta

artifice reacts emphatically


prattling rascals acting canonically till illicit cards aver loyal lay yokefellow

strands tracked radar and i got hold the


upstart panda

andean needle dawns

down of wan nuthatches

and november debu


reality easing along long lockspur ye


ovenbird veers east reads

exhausted xanthocephalic eider returning tethered ending dovish.



harrier adds dayglow

to oystercatcher

sights towhee opining peccadillo

wordy rail inclines to inch near godwit

and nervous dove


leafing ethereal thumb

thebans heroic eunoia

buoyed our yogic

chickadee leaving even a nighthawk


using prefab

threads her ecru

petrel laced a crossbill eaglet.


Your own urban reaction

looking at splattered tomato

letting engine talk to engines reaccession

sane action indemnifying daycare


your omen unto

wafer envisions relational endleaf


this alchemical likening kulturs ingenuity not greenest

absolution by oldies unleashing tetrastich

writing ritual iterations tenders irons not guillotine

these heraldic entropies

I nuzzle sadly under rain and nascent celibate ease


Companions omit many paeans and nearly yodel

as bowels of unnourished tracheae

try heathen edict

consumers act rapt

damning amalgamate mages and groaning eleusinian sacrifice.

Jointly uttered statements titter

sound embracing nodding diaeresis


my enemies

Calmly roam america mocking easy riders snafu

adumbrations donning dress relive essence seek succor

as numb derv


think hitler is no karamazov



cons abhor nearness

man and nothing and gelatinous earth

to obviate


clues of long long eons culled through

this hymn ruins unamuno

higher immaculate matthew.


heart announced veritable ekaterinoslav


little i told truths left ever


mumbling or regaining ethos

till i measure effluvia

nomenclature owlishly wv

a nominal dance

in fractured


western eclat

we own nothing thenceforth

beliefs encode


instant numerical


human urgency reverses roles yet

will effort

while in life love

making authoritarian knowledge edgier

the historic employer maledicts


power and youth

else valerian else nasturtium tulip unlikely ally lily like yonnie


abide nettle deathblow

pansy as yardmaster

periwinkle lies engages no thornapple yahoo.

The hawthorn editorialist

in nesting vests early sees time ignores geranium adheres to icons of nightshade


true hues euphoria

In nosegay satisfaction.

Crowfoots offhand.


meaning amplifies dahlia earthwork

while acacias sociable

tendrils oversleep

and snowdrop kept


Chestnut ruts and motherwort experts root

absolute because of urgent truth

thistle heaves edible

aches clean cut i do envy numerologys theorem


sobrietys onrush

ophrys foeti

courses over urban reality since ended

still i notice cinquefoil embedded

hogbeans evidence

ink stain


of nervosa

through helix even

privet olive laced in cerebral englewood


fennels ordinal reactor creases enjoyment

hellenic ego

wormwood oolong ululates lightly donning no tail

a dying man i tried


guilty up in lavender town.

To him errant rose embryo


as reincarnate embroglio

so omens mean echolocation

to honeysuckle in nettles gilliflower succulence


a boast out under taffeta

theatric hearts enwomb

acts center city identity defies enchanters nightshade too

that haste arrange tableau

heliotropes elopement


dallying in delight

no official topnotch

notices one timely iris ceasing earthshine

and now dim


that hyacinth ask tympanum



dont investigate deaths.

For orchid rabbi

insists no standing tap aromatises newly celsic elves

these heard erebus railing ebullient

wed ere rest-harrow ebonise



lost old tired

oak fiji

sailors at ill lees oaring roods soulless

whortleberry hoeing omphalic

implies medial mention ells dilate in a tea envelope lain yo

sublime under roof rooted of uncial numbers daffodils easy dev

till heat escape

scent censured early needs ear

when helenium engendered note

that helped eyes yield


sage aspen went


wasted a succulence

in neologism


then hearing eyebrow

a columbine called id denied entering nettled thatch.

Not owning watercourse

his egalitarian


happiness and silences

never oligarch

warring amaranths yardage


orange-blossum fabric

knells now owns wings in nuanced gaol

white heron once

thought he eyed yucca

with erotic reception elfin

and navy-blue dashiki


hortensia aloe valerian ending


lutein obsidian taupe simpatico

or flu

flies right in every nutmeg dusted starwort


ivy nearest

the hybrid eyelash

nasturtium asserts virgins-bower yoke


wisteria holding ochre cavefish

can aim neutrino

tell elevated lies lieu


manatees incant ghostly hedgehogs too yuppie


go over old drama

stick to opinions reified yourself

orange fidgit

that happen along take

a calm climb into dependency enchanting neither tanager.


Immortal factotum

waited ergo

harvest allotted vestigial egotism

to opium

when euphoria


canted and nailed

making acknowledgment kiss exempli

oiled useless ripe

intends no tension even now thinks in oneiric nuisance scared


kowtow nicely owing winners narcissi

to own


suits upper effort

advertisers nod deathblow

whence harried entrepreneurs narratio



counting occupants money eh

backing actors crackpot kazoo


company agent notes

have a verifiable echolalia

witless investigators tense near eely schemes stool end sagittarian

avuncular like leopard


overt venality erases rainforest

teachers half endow

white hot olecranal lecherous ego


cowering owners usually need to retry yet

addled negative debauch

wastes electorate


wolves on necromantic tell

nihilists expending effort dire

as netherworld yodel of newtonian edict

earths long secluded elect

anaemic nodes dangle

even vernal equinox near

Misses radians.


Crags rain antimatter merd enamored reptilia

wish illusion lesions labor

bellicose emaciate


whining illogic laid low in nefarious groan

toads onto

payment and yeast


of filial flytrap

orphic utterance tarantula

offending father

hiccoughing island sobriquet

old womens nuclei

pockets of cash kettled erstwhile telaesthetic

by effusing fishes or recombined esau


gasping email tabula

to hump rubber udder

while itching to hawkbill

humans in majority.


Buttered uttered tetragram

pleasure leases each a second elective

sad enamored nod daydream

meadowsweet erato

hanging islands salamander

address dark dread rehearse escape sleep schemata

another noose dumb


will i lament lose


writing righting itself tenacious encomia

him i misses



let either tether tread edging randomly


art never defies

a sacred kabuki

hierarchic improbable missives

turned occasionist

seeing everyone everywhere

that hath a tattooer


thatch he etherealises

thought hie into neat galactosemia

istle safari

paring an indifferent dread.


Gene envelopes etch



as moonbow

goads ourself into no gardenia

township owns


halves and visions enliven

toast othello

hunger urgently repaired reaired yellowest


age noting data


fish in nihility issue sharp handclasp

hell embalms rightly equilibria

bells encase causes and useful sites easier

times in mines exist

hoards ascend syllabi

slipping limpid into peppered pits edited dialectic

useful plateau

or natural

means emporia

androgyny needing dagger


hath a victual energy


the occupying

male ailment in limbo

time hindered incorporeal silo

believing ecstacy foreshadowed omniscient ritual encamped


never ogling onanistic now.

Did ontology noodle teacher

woodbine of roaring river yeti

abashed bouts of useless trout

the heros engine

of leaden dolor


Insisting not signifying urgent recant and noons color even

business used sinus infection netting estoppel sourly so

another nodal defector


foreignness oriented resisted

going over oppressions duty not easing salesroom sari

so all knowledge editorialized


days of nutant thrush

silent useless envoi

tirades hating emergent males.

A nothing offered two hymns erato resist

young ears arranged rococo

as nouns defender



with illuminated loveless lap

before effacer

tallied hegemonies euterpes robes embroglio


kinship not orphic wale


advanced nubian dish

wet esophagi

won intrepid licit lingam


grace external taught

insomniacs tao


tense healot envys nabob

answer never yes how owls wane.




hopes old polymnias encamp


the hills around thalia

but your

nerves out west

yammering of umbilici

hung against vile elastic

glowering offal tableau

thatched hut eggshell

served eastern virility every night the yerba

dealt ovian lies lies among rumor

clio heckled even calliopes kernel



sentence envisioned not telesthesia

yields obdurate ulysses.

Wily effect

counted as nothing tabu

gashed either throat

in melpomenes patient arsenal turning in evidence not time


about belief or unthought tribuneship

these heroines established seaworthy endeavor

though huns incanted no goatish sappho

belying every cause as use soiled egotrip

evenhanded veritas early rose yet one nearsighted endomorph

spoiled even elegys mnemonic slide

thus object


beginning ebb

tries roles you imagined no guru

too occult


seeing elevated effluvia

holding office wirier

levity only negating gigolo

hardened emu

candor as noumen

belonging edified


and battling over unsung talent

gelded eagles to triumph in noones glyph

historians insistent site

jousts our beliefs

defiant old negatives elucidate.


Thence hieratic effigies retread eulogistical

sands other men elevate

raw and rare event

causal as sedimentary elegies subsist

on failure

i never even found faith in centrist incongruities eking near centurys yser

graft outdoing interference nosing goddess


onto nada

everyone voices entry rites yet when helots err retry elision.


Eleatic signs penetrate eccentric cinema in a long lasting yoga

where humans entreat realitys esau

icy tuner

coolly overturns numb concern ergot reruns null sarcoma


payments advance yield in no go

outsourced underling tariff


monastic owners nebulous eyeball yelp.

Sonorous ossia

weds edgier

willing indigent late loot

watchful attitudes in tandi

these hysterias embarrass magic

outages undo thoreau

adding nostalgic duel

forcing infidelity noisily along long lost yenta

settlement eases tension torquing leading elegizer

while i talk hindi

to hardened european mint

tonsils obey


oubliette urgently rendered

add doves vantage at networks tag and goatherds edge.


hate all testes endemic

to obverse

holocaust allowing veritable edition

to offended

thoughts hinterland in nether knowledges


above belief our undersized torsi

sembled ulvas cigars harden


two hallowed ins not growing soot

buttressed uncertain tiki


didnt own nottings tulle


errant vaccines erasing ra

forgotten origins race gendered electric tunes


to holds of self each

thought halts in ninth genome see


activity not dew


knows not oaths wapiti


withered idle laments ladle

half a vipers endings



seas eat titles tamely lead every man evoking nutrient terror

winnow in the hitherto

Cram reindeers ass mit ernest realism


soul oven or near eastern raja


ovulatory raj

licked and tasted early rousseau

attaining nth dimension

while heat escaped nothing


ghost ends triune


by acknowledging ciceros kingcraft

holds entrench

have a diaspora

bend even to throw eremetic rebut


hooligans avenge vines effendi

ailing leader leaps


palely after invalid druids

ogling fancy fargo.

Its futurism

that hinders island sludge

winning a raft

he albeit sounded near tahiti

tobacco angles unless gentry hire tom

mauve espadrile

as niceties yes this humble insipid nothing grows


elegant limbic surf elite

if tallowed

hastens a sunrise

time as ugly gesture holds tighten


mesomorph escalates

padding and tincture in entropic nodes celebratory echo

antedeluvian nose dim

deterrents earn terse early reaction mincing icily not a time in overt noblesse.

Antithesis not detergent

since inclement night chart exempli


waste a slant negated teste

and fraud runs amok in delegates


obeisent faith

alcohol nobody you bed or duly yonnie

because effort forecasts ornamental retirees essential



guise undoes eyes soft sushi



stains train illness lost loci

a mechanic

nears our truck.

Bargeman undertakes timbre



musty usury sifts talent

quite unlike its truth

the heart in swahili.

So winter eats easily to have eastern art run thus,



listings of vedantic erotica

yell out urgently


soiled odessa

anabasis needs docket



minions issue scaling ska

yokemates of union

moonflower or recently edified

eels veer ergonomically right yo

dying alligators yahwism.


Istle neckerchief

another navigator orbited the heaths east roller

two wheeled oratorio

months of noncommitting to hide sum



wills oration not trough

bellows elate


and blast last elysium

to oceango

life i vow either



when illicit legal lint

best entrench

soy omega

lonely old nester eking salt of my eduction


and no delta


hearts earthen art raises time so i can knight.

Illegible fawnish


could outrun ultimate latent distingu

can omen mean engles

hot oven mere errata

not open weatherbeaten



winter or urns load data

harts advance vault embolden

but english nightlife effects fits in teleologys easy dread


beautiful yashmac

miscreant yoyo

exhaling xenon proves experience ripe in esp nor clear emulsion.

Idiot nonces


fords ewe weller

months of nitpicking titillation hone snafu

mere omnivores rehashing eleatic


wanting one nations tune

grunt urgent armies right and nimbly teach environmental ed


anything not yellow thinks heart is numerical gist.


love of veritas envoi

yawps obligatory unalterables


sense olibanum

muse undo catchphrase habituation

and neither define

you or unarm

awkwardly rational ego

meanings yen

list in fervent ennui.



ambitious machismo

savors old ruts running yonder


through hymens in stimuli

inkling scoot


no one tacit


pallid looks een as saints admit no thalia

lucid effort turn tail east run

back up track

some ogre mentioned ears


to hint if never grinding soft

souls tally in labors lingo


miming all knowledge ej

moons eagle

me a dancer.


grow useless edgy sawing slightly



craniums offer uses less defacto

for origami reason gives icing vent earlier


elegance virtually everyone rues yanking on new edict

in newsflash

the hearts escape


white or red led domicilii

flaccid or roman

eek verily eke rhymes yet thin hinges inch near gemini

instead faint


cause old ulcers leaky deposita

cutting open my evenfall


have orgy my emigrant.


lost old vernal era

yes our unborn

soul obeys.

Yes our unspecific

aims require embellisher

my yaqui

heart embraces all reason trap

a news digest

songs of univocal literati

a no do


ness elicits eloquent dismissals


you old umbral

always lifting legato

times heat exerv

till i miss elsewhere.



lust of violets eucalypti

your offhand ungrammatical,

Trail over memorial



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Part 2



Due east a road ends so to

Pull right eve carved iron of useless slag,


got out the

tools with oiled

lees etched the tiles earth remaining soft

furrowed rounds of mulch

yellowed on unkempt

yard eve stands tough even rosy dry a year

denied a thought ends drought


wants a yawp

bests a callous kook

by using trouble

to heat embers yet

we eat red ears

sweet wine ebbs edges to

a nether dust


wakes a solemn

good lugs a dusky

tome of

genuine earth telling

the hard evening much.

Must all invention nest exclusively sans trust

to have its noose gain

in strength

yet outweigh utility

so every end marks

tomorrows opinion

be eager

like ice kicking in no god

yawns on uranus relax

jealousy of borders

belies even the tendrils easy range

south of

belize yesterday

new orders which

meant another year being enacted

your own unfettered

acts realize every

nuance of the

so-called overlords

did i say sam at the inn still fought in every dream

while i thanked him

every verse ended rhyme yet to hang in neither grain.


hope of peeled emotion

your outcry uses

dear old

notes of teal

leaden echos tap

your office using real signs eve leaves for

georgia even though

tom ogled obliquely

till i rode er down

spells of

Jailhouse erotica really rile you

while i lavish love

not on the innocent clerk except

if topless.


gains or the

half in slight

listing even the threat earns ratios

yet euros stir tentatively ere ratings dollar and yen

advance no daydream

i tip

wishes along sandalwood

ghosts of our denouncement.

He envisions

the old legal docile

me easing

a butt out under trees


moors on roadgangs of no

time heat and touch

dual identities defy no torch

can any trowel curl hymns

to his elegant

being all luscious laze.

A nun disapproves

how eulogies

send effort nor truancy

my edifice


labor a terse euphemism

did ifs spit patina along this churlish home

ones nerve

a chorus cooing on ugly neonazi truisms

of fat

the heavy election

sent cover of unelastic tights

high in krisp euphoria

be either instance not gruff

celled abatoir lift less eve devil

of funding forfeiture.


encircle no joy of yew educible deity

isnt therefore

verifiable eve rose yawning

mused upon chintzy hopes.

No owner wishes

in fluid


carefully announcing nor

getting even totally

Forget a year react escape steal

times of day and yet

teach halves and tireless

wind in least little

blue egg

gobble ooze on diverse

thrones offer ordination.


was all nestling dead ere redacts emended dire

as late largesse

a rooster of ultimate nervous dread

if neither

thought has elevated

juggling under no glow like erehardt

a negligent duality

a lossible lasso

of veritable end rules

looses offers to suppress

old fires

before a tomb the leaden eyes

follow in even light dole soul

yet efforts stay the ebb rays daze and youth

a nether dream

i take

in sun


the east rides rings in before lorn eagle

though his itch never gives

house of wile

my uncle chants homilies

and my mother utters nothings in toil its old news

what a shame

such hope or tightness

unsung perceptions

of newborn

trends his island shrinking

I say lay a needle down.

Eve veers errs round yet while he eats rudely eyes


wink eye note the

time has emptied readers edge

why extend radical effort

for old xylums

hope of loves early sign

a nuisance dies

moving over real earth

farm orbit xray

high over land eve sighs

and new diversions

emboss maps pine tree yew

cypress and river timber ride in deaths gruesome end

so here eve lies like sand

evenings vernal erection rises yet what hands embrace rut embrace.


wait a second

our underlings take

five or use roods

how oblique use runes slide

and never die


sweat white elm a typist ends debate

moon yes

sweet elm living fuel

im not seeking idyllic dread eve

of utile temper.

Im not

thinking how eyes

jump up nor getting laid endlessly

this heart earns real esteem

i seek

no other thought


boy reviled ere a thing hounded

or failing

an incident rehashed

and noted delicately

the head escapes

his umbrage molds in delerium in timorous youth

i say

saint or

ghoulish rites eve a turncoat

the horse a talker

its tail

i salvaged

and lay mute on seths tomb

i miss pure orgies

too often

bare raisins eke a thin hard elbow.

Butt under tummy


torso and knee effect

same old

muff and neighing yam

veer into tush a minute im never sated

a nodding dick

im rutting on nudeness

a nuns dick

soft and light till

tilling happens all tonight


did i did nest there

no other toms inside close envelope

a nice yerba

i lie long

end fucking fail end coming tail sail

a fuck that ended runny


has almost done

good old tunc

soothing old mans echo

cum on our luff

writing and thinking eve riting

and nodding drifting

having a drift

rest easy since this eve drifts


for eve when

my inmost nave usurped the ernest spiel.

If forced

vocation its time amid miners is near

But old needs exact

dual obligations essentially saying no to

dueling others

although nodding yes to her if no go

enter lone selfless elf

in toward

helpless eve lying prone soon


fey eve low lone old woman

on new

religion ever cool under peril eve ranting at those in need


from rooftop or minaret

eve xrayed then rated and

eve xrayed even rational though i offer nothing.

The heart errs

how i look long so


can live in my brain eve dying

artificial restless elegaic

poor rat adam cant till in center a lame lad yellow

streak tricks rabbits and i go home to

useless prattle

adam needed damnation

dour of wanting nothing

average not despicable


resistance ere a lad lay young

old vents emerging rightly

eve xrayed eve rearing tying everything down.


hides a dangerous

tool oh

slight toed orphan peeking

with red i through i no god

a needy dei

loafing else turning

the hoarse effigy

born of your

cures leans easy and nods

usual petulance

though he errs

puce looks and cross erns.

You owe us reason

like a simple tune

lazy end ending to take exception rules

so anything is duty

you owe us

wafer ere rulers ear

turns a lone kitten into nothing good

a beast of use tests

western rites in tulips in northern galleries

to heft elysium

I nearly sank under resistance and never called ever

Come over my pets and noodle yourselves

and bowl old uncle to

take health elixirs

crazy as rice

does a mouth a grin elicit saints.

Jump up so the

sober effort needs distress

mine eyes

Call round a mock engine road soft

as does dear relative effect so strong

a nose dive


thought hindered if no known


calls absolution nothing

me a note a golden ear

too obvious

claims of long lost eagles con thought

that heralds ruined use

high inside mountains.


hear a verity entoned


life in the true long ease

my old restraint ends

though i mean ending

not often with

a normal drift

inland fiction

we eat

we own no thought

besides effort

in noons


he urged right religion yet

with effort

we invent love life

make a knocking effort

toward high empty moons

please a young

elf veil else no turned use a lame lewd you

a nude deafmute

prurient and young

panders like endgame not to yearn.

The hawks editor

is not vent early so the if goes along to inn of night

this haste epitomizes

Insider news speech.

Cool off.

mine a dour energy

wile away soul

to overcome

a snowy keep

Cherished rules and more extend roots

and bear on urges toward

this heady erasure

a clear call in doubt eases numb thumbs

so old

old farce

cured of use rates so eons

spent in novice cruelty end

here evident

in sin

our nervous

thought holds even

peeling of lauds in ceremonial embrace

first of rare callings embrace

heros embrace

wind of unveiling lift days not told

and don’t mean i told

guilty unless i leaving told.

Told him embrace rose embrace

as reified embracure

same old me embarking

to hear in no god sold

and by our useless training

to hear eastern

arts come centering i don’t engage no two

that have a table

harboring eloquence

do i’ll die

none of the

nuns out the id cum eos

a new djinn

that harbors a trend


did irreversible damage.

Four old rabbinical

isms nod so typically a new colonial ending

that hasn’t even ridden events

was easily routed easily


loss of traction

oaken findings

said an illicit liason of rubied souls

wasted hubris openly

i mind my effort dial in a treat elicit long yowls

so used roots rut over unplied nouns dew ever dew

the heart elevates

sober can easily note ear

which hears effort nor

tongue helping eyes yield

says a word


would account savory

i note

that healing ewes

a column combed i dont engage no thought.

Nor owning wafer

his egg

hath a silence

not overarching

watch a yew

offer fake

kilts now or wind if no god

whips her on

the head eagles young

with erroneous recall ending

a near dervish


hold a valence effortlessly

love or tailored sympathy

opens fluid

flight right in eves near death sigh

i near

the high eye

not asserting vigor you

wither half of california

calmly and nightly

thither eve lies lying


man in gaunt high tun yelling

goat or owl dying

so the oak root yawns

or flying

turns halve and take

a cool climb i drily edit nor turn.

Ill fate

wines ego

has a viral end

that opens

when euphoria

calls and near

miss a kiss eases

on up ridges

in nod to effort now that i owe no sign

know no omen with no

thought of

servile use elder

and nearer death

we held eves noon


crooning of my electorate

but a cooling keep


claim and note

how a valid echo

wins in the near eve school so eve supine

allows love lost

or verity eve requires

that half ended

when hero overslept like eros

court or utility nigh to reach you

a nightly dictation

wears effort

where old nauts tender

nihilist eve expecting does

as no yank or nike ever

east leaning seducer eve

a notion dampened

eve veering eve neath

Missal rare.

Call rain and mint eve release

which i laid low

by eve

which i laid low in new ground

toad of

plenty and years

of friendly fire

or uttered trance

old faith

had i sold

old worth no

pox of cash kettled earned that

by earning fish or recombed eel


go eve to

the heels real umber

which ilk to hurry

humans in minority.

Beasts unite to

please living eve and sense ease

so eve needs death

my ernest

heart i soiled

and drew down randy eve so stoic

a nervy druggy


wallowing in lascivious luxury

writing reflexives in that exhaustive

hand im mining


lexicon eve tethered to eleatic runes

as nestor died

a sinking king

honey in mouth

telling old

stories entertaining eve

that had a thought

to help ere

the heart in need grows

i sought

paid an inverted debt

Great eve eves


alert milky

gone over in nights girth

told off

hoarding antique verity eve

the overture

hand up river run you

another nestor diving

from inside nestors inside some heros

hear evian research effort

belies eves craven and unthought sense even

though ive mentioned existence

has a sinister

side like in poets pockets essence dies

upstaging piety

or near

misses eve

a netherworld diva


have always vaguely edified

though other

males assert i lack

the heft i said

bullied eve for obscure retinal effect

no ordinary ordinance no

Delay or nine tin

windshades open reasonable reactions yet

a box of unsaid things

that hear even

old lovers dawning

I no surer undress ripe and nicely cloven eve

before used signs i never even saw say

a notarial diary

forbade overt regulation

going over old diving notes eve slowly sinking

so a knife ended

direction of nestors timely

suit undue extension

the heavens emitted mixed

Ailments not only the hinds eve restrained

yet even a relationship

answers no diversion


wish i loved longer

but eve

thinks he erases reason even


knowing nothing or winnowing

another near death

wiley eve

willing in long looks

growing even tauter

i think

the heat escapes not

a nodding yes how older women


hope or percolate essential

tears hair art that

builds your

nouns or wastes

your olde uncials

have a veritable egret

grown or tended

the heart elapsed

so eve verified eve not the young

dashing okie looking long at rent

check heavens extra crown knot


saved eve nor tore

your own underside

While ever

complex and natal tense

gives eve the

imp more plausible and tender impassive end not that

a balanced or usurped title

turns heads either so eve

thinks hurt is no gain say

but else carry and urge so every

entry veers ere red youth own no early

sign else eve meets some

tony old

boss easing

the real you into nestors gown

this ogling

sows ear eve

hasnt owned winter

long or noticed gods

high ear

can a nosey

bleary eyed

and bored oaf under the

ground eve thought that i noticed growth

how i saw

justice over balls

did one not enter

The heat eve routed east

shed oars moved easily

rock and roll eve

cause and sex eve seething

of fire

in no eastern flame for i call in eves nonce cry youth

groan or invest nails growth

onto north

ease veils execs running yes while he eats rare eve

Eve supine pine eve calls in a long lazy yawn

what heat even raises enough

i thought

comfort or noise could ease reasons naked snore

passing a yew i noticed growth

or uttered terse

musings on nestors easy yes

So old

winter elysian

winter in lifes long

while averred in tercets

that heaven eases my

overt urinary tension

and no diamond

fell in nebraska a long life yields

some ease to tell lies eve

wilts in the heat

though heat eats memory

told on

or under rare

and devalued verse a nose thrust against god eve


have a taste eve

the omens

here are veering east

the other

the highblown i not knowing

a better or utter time

soft under coursing high

to help i needed goading so

breezily undid the


done over not too

extravagantly vouching eve rehearsed

for only right gowns elope tonight

to higher open sorts eyes

to here im not gone so

a nothing dies


know no orphan window


wish id lasted longer

had a view even


so eve to two lies eve my eve nos to

wit i thought her

Callow rear and made even rest

so old old noon eve returned

or ran

long ago to erins run

a nip denotes

when healots earn nothing


got easy tryst

back at carsons knell

hell eve

have a dogma

but eager trust turns evil run

hard and vest everything

a long look

paints an incident dark

or free falling

I find

the hand is slightly

weary and rests

here a sleepy notion till

themes awake uncertain gangly hybrid things

my eve

answers no yet the heart is not going

each lone soldier ebbs

i think

hank and sway

take and undertake good heart to

me every

part and tart i empty noon cry eve

a nod descends

deep even the erns ride my insides no and thought is over now

A nod descends

so i notice curly eve


willows and spruce near the

abloom facia railing against identity death

orphaned fawn

a nobody you boasted of defying your

boy even flying out randy evenings


got under eves skin so


skipped the ink labelled list

and met

no overt tyrant

Buried under the


musings usings soothing truth

quite uppity if the

thin high island says

So we embody effort that hits eve at right times


lose old veiled elm

you or utopia

sloppy oceans

a necessary devil


my infant son since

yet obscure ulvas

meet or run effortlessly

eastward vowing ever releasing your

daily activities yet

I note

a net of tense high elastic ribs

the wind owes

more or none that heal slowly


welcome or not to

believe eve

and blue leaves exhale

terrible odors

like in veritable extinction


will i live longer

being expensive

sit on

loins on no elbow soft or mine ending

a nod descends

here eve acts right the shift in clios kick

I fly


cry or uplift like dry

crunchy oats my element

hear old mother else

no one wins


waited on ufos like dumbly

hearing a vector eddy

but eve noticed edens fall in the early dusk

belying youth

musical youth

examined xrayed prodded erased run in eaten nailed cut edged

I need


freedom eve whimpers

moloch our none too high siren

may our research ever


why only nucleic tenses

garner use and ratio among nestors trees eve eve

anything nothing you tear here i nudge growth


love our vanities eve

yet our ugly

sins occupy

my unadorned character he

a neanderthal dolt

you owning upland

acres retooled every

month yet

longer if foreign errant


allow my

sober orgasmic riot run yes

these hearts invade silence

if satiety

needs owning the


pleads love eve and sighs are not truth

little eve the truth errs rightly

before usurys tenure

some old mother entranced

the heathen in noble going search

sure the iffy life loves

making a killing eve

my eve

my avaricious devil


gave up envy so slaughter


could or until love does

fore or rearward goeth insipid violet eve

ever veering ever resting you owe nothing eve

i nearly

told her everything

world of resurgent love defiant

forgetting or remembering

em violates en real youth tensed hidden in nestors growth

in flight


calculable ordinance unless love deems

careering over movement eve

high over mountain east


listing of violent ernest

yet ornery usually

so ordinary

Yet our urgent

and recidivist eve

minds yet

her early and rising tide

ah nestors death

shocked old uncle like

a needless dye


need every elusive duty

you own up

a love lost

to his errant

time is my enemy


loved our vitality eve

your ordinary useless

Truth oh mother


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