This page may take several minutes to load; be patient, as it has to call the perl script over 100 times. The text was produced from one AP article ("U.S. says troops kill at least seven Iraqi women and children at checkpoint when driver failed to stop," 3/31/03). This article was not reproduced in any way but simply used as a template. Five other articles on the war from the next few days were also utilized for data. In this version, nouns, intransitive and transitive verbs, speaking subjects, nationalities, dates and numbers, and certain other generic syntactic units have been replaced by placeholders which call a perl script that selects randomly from all occurences of these variables in the five articles.

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says at least and at when to

The Associated Press

(AP) -- and -- including and -- in , when the did not as , said.
One journalist who was at the said Iraqis were , including young .
The were from the 3rd Infantry Division, which at another when one as the a in a suicide .
said one was to death after he for 's while being . , a spokesman for , said he had no other .
's fatal shooting at along Route 9 near , about 20 miles north of the of 's suicide bombing.
said initial from the the the of engagement to themselves.
"In light of recent terrorist by the , the considerable to the unnecessary of ," said.
However, 's deadly near the of is likely to to the -led among in the , where had hoped for a popular uprising against .
Instead, have stubborn by 's in and other in southern .
According to an account by , the the Army . for the to but were . They then warning but the moving toward the . then into its . As a last resort, said, into the passenger .
other were at on a near , according to and . is investigating.
"They tried to the to , it did not ," said on PBS-TV's "The News Hour with ." "And it was unusual that would be full of only and that the was a woman. So we need to why it was that they were acting the way they did."
The military said and were in the . But , whose is embedded with , said were in the and were , including who to be younger than age . of the wounded were not to , reported on its Web site.
described the as a four-wheel-drive Toyota crammed with 's personal belongings.
In its description of the , quoted as saying the crew did not warning quickly enough.
describes watching through and ing the by radio to a warning first and then a 7.62 mm round into the vehicle's . When the kept coming, the to " him!"
About of 25 mm cannon were from or more of 's Bradley fighting , said.
then shouted over the at , "You just [expletive] a family because you didn't a warning soon enough!" according to .
"It was the most horrible thing I've ever seen, and I I never it again," , an Army medic with Bravo Company of 's 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, told .
of 's shooting to allied south of , according to . One was unhurt. Another, who had superficial head , was by to a field when it was she was pregnant, said. gave permission to to the and the of their loved ones, said.
gave the group body bags, reported, and an unspecified of money to them.

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