The ABCS of O saisons, ô châteaux

(what i was thinking about was something centered on the rimbaud piece, which seemed to send all of us in different and productive directions, that perhaps each of us could write something on or about or through or in "O saisons, Ô châteaux"- and certainly i mean that such writings could and should veer as far afield as these emails have, or maybe the way to say it is that I'd like to lay "O saisons" on the table and have each of us put a poem beside it.)

cf also "Variations Done for Gerald Van De Wiele," by Charles Olson.

A. di Michele
Bill Lavender
Camille Martin
Skip Fox

Rimbaud's Poem

JE est un autre.

Paul Schmidt

I ran after him. I sought out streets and houses he had lived in. I drank and drugged myself in taverns and inalleys he had known.

Wallace Fowlie

There was nothing unusual about his life...


O saisons, ô châteaux


O saisons, ô châteaux,
Quelle ame est sans défauts?

O saisons, ô châteaux,

J'ai fait la magizue étude
Du bonheur, que nul n'élude.

O vive lui, chaque fois
Que chante le coq gaulois.

Mais je n'aurai plus d'envie,
Il s'est chargé de ma vie.

Ce charme! il prit âme et corps,
Et dispersa tous efforts.

Que comprendre à ma parole?
Il fait qu'elle fuie et vole!

O saisons, ô châteaux.


O Seasons, O Châteaus!


O seasons, O châteaus!
Where is the flawless soul?

O seasons, O châteaus,

I learned the magic of
Felicity. It enchants us all.

Long live Felicity, when
Gaul's cock crows!

Now all desire has gone;
It has made my life its own.

That spell! It caught my heart and soul
And scattered every trial.

What is the meaning of all I say?
It blows my words away!

O seasons, O châteaus!


O Seasons, O Castles


O seasons, O castles,
What soul is without blame?

O seasons, O castles,

I carried out the magic study
of happiness that no one eludes.

Oh! may it live long, each time
The Gallic cock grows.

But I will have no more desires,
It has taken charge of my life.

That charm! it took my soul and body,
and dispersed every effort.

What can be understood from my words?
It makes them escape and fly off!

O seasons, O castles!