Brad Elliot

A Re-Awakening
(After Kate Chopin)


The parrot spoke a language nobody understood and despite repeated attempts Mr. P arose without any degree of comfort worn eye glassed or fresh pretty women with elbowed sleeves crinkled as they came and went. Let the paper drag idly. Snails pacing. Farther down under watering oaks gaunt trunks stretch yellow camomile. Approached slowly Mrs. P burns beyond recognition. A plunge at daylight she held up her hands and spread her legs. When I ask him about his business he bores me. Robert amused yawned and stretched yellow miles. Mr. P looked across and Edna began to laugh. Lifting his head without any degree of comfort Mr. P descended the willowy steps and scampered away coming for dinner his wife called after him...


Because he could Robert reached for and sent between Edna's lips light puffs of incessantly amusing water adventures. I see Leonce isn't coming back she said with a glance in the direction whence her husband had disappeared. Robert supposed he was not.


It was eleven o'clock when Mr. P awoke Edna his trousers a fistful overcome with sleep Edna responded with little half gasps. Discouraged in the adjoining room he turned and shifted it the result far from satisfactory he returned to his wife with a high fever. Quite sure he had no fever he reproached his wife with inattention. How could she be in two places at once. She said nothing and he was fast asleep eager to be gone. A few days later a box arrived for Edna from New Orleans. It was her husband Mr. P filled with friandises. The ladies passed him around and with discriminating fingers declared that he was the best tasting husband in the world Edna was forced to eat.


I am no mother-woman that my dear is another. Madame R was nothing subtle flaming and apparent her two lips pouted red think of cherries she was growing a little stout besides her golden thimble was a joy to look at. Madame R often took Edna busily engaged ferreting out insidious currents of deadly coldings that had found their way through the keyhole. Edna's mind was quite at rest spread upon the floor of the gallery under Madame R's direct Robert was there seated as he had been the Sunday before Edna leaned listlessly against his post which he held out at intervals and seemed at a loss to make a selection wondering if it were not too rich or whether it could possibly hurt asserted the mount into Madame R's face. Edna though she had married a Creole was not thoroughly at home in society and never before had she been thrown so intimately but was growing accustomed.


Sitting there they formed a certain advanced stage of intimacy. Perfect hands since the age of fifteen Robert had constituted himself as some interesting married widow. Edna liked the gaze but longed to try herself on Madame R who like some sensuous Madonna crossed over and seated herself below Edna that she might watch her work. Giving little ejaculations in French Edna bathed Madame R with her cologne water while Robert plied the fan. The spell was soon over and Madame R folded her thimble neatly together in a roll which she pinned securely.


At that early period in the beginning few of us ever emerge.


One morning to the beach Edna prevailed upon Madame R and slipped into a sporadic tangled growth bordered on acres of yellow camomile reaching out further in vegetable orange and lemon trees glistened from afar. The women had no intention of bathing. Madame R removed her veil and fanned herself while Edna opened her at the throat a stiff wind whipped into froth engaged in adjusting readjusting and tucking in of whom are you thinking asked Madame R. My marriage was purely an accident walking across a big field only the stretch of green as if I must walk on forever it was Sunday. Madame R stroked it fondly. The thought was at first a little confusing but Edna soon lent herself readily to the Creole's gentry caress flushing the sound of approaching voices intruding.


Robert begged a favor his soft hat jack-in-the-box beating impatiently. Queer slopes or mans' eye Robert turned away. Clatter clatter ...bang bang... clatter clatter.. bang...bang.


Every Saturday after a recreation or two Robert's little neck and arms were bare virgin colors artificially crimped little black-shod toes shot out and upward while almost everyone but the twins who could not be induced to be separated whirled round and round I scream you scream a degree harder Robert urgent with Edna once as they saw her enter thus signaling beside a desolate rock a distant bird Madame R struck and sent keen tremors down Edna's spinal column. It was not the first she waited lashing she trembled choking finished. Arose and bowing Madame R went away stopping neither thanks nor applause. You were the only one worth playing with the moon coming up.


Lead the way when some pretext serves to take away the sea was quiet now thinking of death how easy time watches you.


Past one o'clock so Mr. P mounted and thrust his head cold mosquitoes devour this is more than hour folly he opened a bottle of wine and turned from silver to copper stillness tottering just as I finish my cigar.


Sunday distributed dreams. Alien hands Edna had never sent for before no time to wait for niceties. Hold your umbrella the prologue walks away from childish rumors.


Oppressions of altered time a rose upon the pages of her velvet pussy-book giddy like water beaten orange trees they stopped. Welcome them, Snow White. Edna understood French imperfectly peeped out and hungry the whole isle had changed smoldering ashes till broiled fowl began to sizzle afresh. How many years have I slept turning the western sky to copper the whispering voices of muffled gold speeding to cover.


Mr. P had been very naughty so Edna delivered him unwilling to bed with chubby fists rubbing the rocker. It was not more than nine o'clock he protested so Edna bore him back pissing his hand. Si tu savais is not pretentious.


Edna sat seated eat your soup had been with lifted eyebrows holy fish and sardines. There's nothing much to explain. Flaky bits of court bouillon like excellent tamales or chocolate winters. All that noise and confusion. Robert lit a match and left for Mexico. Edna rearranged her hair.


Do you miss the baby in the man or why do children like impatient trees of essential Babel with false ears habitually eat?


Mr. P was fond possessed is very charming of light colored mulattos was a religiously followed programme rarely returned les convenances. The soup is impossible offered the tray. The fish was scorched but Edna did not mind. I'm going to get my dinner at the club but Edna did not mind besides you might get glass in your feet.


A valueless talent is immense nonsense or a dinner of herbs understood perfectly.


Edna could not help but think en bone menagere or passing carps and insolent steps feel like painting. Edna bothered him it sometimes entered Mr. P's eyes burn festooned dreams while wormy blinds inevitable annihilation. One with the sun then.


Imperfect training all winter at the island must have betrayed your eyes. Love Robert, Vera Cruz.


Edna Madame R and artificial violets again. Do you want me to come? She had not thought much about it. Bumpy sofas of strong fingers gaze down. Her body settled soft openings faded lights entreat sobbing new voices. May I come again? Don't stumble crumpled damp tears restored.


One morning on his way to work Mr. P mumbled he bored. I'm never sick of tough fibers but she doesn't act well. Chickens and women are all alike. The chickens drive them to it. The breakfast table. Thick lips and cushioned finger tips. Besides, what have you done to her beatings and associates asked the doctor? What of the peculiar trampings over sound Kentucky swamps and Sunday buggerings of delicate orgasms and the passing of whims over ropes and ribbons. You know in on the inside they laughed hands on the knobs. Don't contradict her. They liked the course of the conversation and sat for a while. Outside the Doctor doubled his breast as he strode growing old he needed rest not sex. Put your heavy underwear down secure green shutters rubber sandals and less meat.


Familiar compulsions of no delicate curtsy he sat up lame offers and slippered feet asking permission to enter Edna Mr. P was hungry. Rummaged larder she wanted something to happen enough of monotonous dull hats sicken me. She was thinking of Robert. When they fucked they fucked.


Edna closed the rusting stove. Ah ejaculated the music. She drew him down just two steps away I'm looking for that big house how does my husband say it? Our hair is brown and opens and shuts. We have two lips and a little crooked finger from having played to energetically.


Weather prophets all night.


Cried later the shock of beauty.


Without even waiting when she finished Edna went outside to wash her hands I shall sleep here she thought.


Guests were few discrimination is a thousand white balloons. Miss May Blunt begged to be untouched. Madame R stared a little. Miss May Blunt answered in french rude music as Mr. A's wife permitted her to complete her. For a moment withdrawn Robert turned to Mrs. May Blunt who was prettier and more vivacious than Victor and sufficiently removed the soft monotonous splash with the heavy odor of jasmin the golden shimmer spread and there was a soft fall as she leaned against the high-backed chair and spread which suggested the one who rules over the moment glided on holding jest with laughter. Robert bowed pleasantly to all as he withdrew kissing Edna who bewildered upon rising led her away. I believe she's paralyzed laughed Mrs. May Blunt as she took a penis from her hand and held it up to her lips drained it and laid it upon the table. I don't want to be sung to but to sing to pushing back her ass she got up and placed her pussy over Mr. A's face. He kissed the soft palm that pressed upon his lips like a pleasing sting. Come you've posed long enough Mrs. A undraped him from about her with his own hands while Miss May Blunt suddenly conceived.


A spray of jasmine looked down and noticed the whistle of a railway train was ringing. Robert and Edna met no one on their short walk. Sometimes inside of me snapped rested head upon bare arm. I'll leave you she replied.


What Mr. P learned was his wife's intercourse wore a letter of what people would say mainly the house was not to be turned over to artisans and furthermore the pigs the cows and the mules catch fish in the back lake.


Edna told the children the fairies would fix it and keep them indefinitely. It was that Edna left her children carried away like the memory of a delicious song by that time alone again.


Madame R had worked Robert all morning had dragged herself over him avoiding the public thoroughfares any time of the day or night dear she assured him without certain reflection like a child he boasts of his successes. They kissed while watching down the street he felt refuge digging around her hat pin seated softly with one hand. A half hour went by. There was a second a hundred times Edna had pictured Robert's return crushing geranium leaves excuses the truth. Robert reached Madame R's heavy coil with some deliberation as Edna locked her door feeling like a lost soul.


No talking pathos. Perhaps you shouldn't have come back carrying rubbers in your tobacco pouch. Edna threw it on the table. Go away and amuse yourself. I'll go away but I shan't amuse myself Robert stood up with a dreamy absent look.


The morning before Edna lay in bed poor fools love time walked and turned the corner as before how delicious if only half dressed while ten tiny white pigs lying low in a row. All letters are pleasing she answered fate several hours abroad.


Leafy corners orange tables and green trees the cats said all day milk and cream cheese was no one who to fry a chicken golden born. Edna was not astonished when destiny by accident almost embarrassed an indifferent train led to her. Robert stroked her silky fur wading through she threw him down forgetting everything but a wild dream recalling men who had set their wives on fire. A cur on her hands setting me free I do what do I mean when I was a foolish boy of five. Wait for me should you go stay with me as soon as I say.


Edna a red liquid dropped a tiny glass of comfort to a husband and the children are all asleep.


Up but cool with breasts of spring Edna was no place some time in March if you ever feel moved the lives of others trample what I'm saying blame it because I love.


Tomorrow it will be someone else she was not thinking when she walked down to the beach a bird found her and she put it on besides the sea went on remembering not look back now bluegrass meadow her voice the barking of an old dog chained the musky odor of pink filled the air.


Lavender Ink