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Lavender Ink is a small publisher of poetry and literary extravagance in New Orleans.



For Bookstores and Institutions

Perfect Bound Books:

  Tim VanDyke: Topographies Drawn with a Divine Chain of Birds

  Moose Jackson:  The Loup Garou: A Lunar Cycle

  Jake Berry and Jeffrey Side:  Cyclones in HIgh Northern Latitudes

  Hank Lazer:  Portions

  Jesse Loren:  Screamin' Mimi

  Thaddeus Conti:  aepoetics

  Joel Dailey:  
    My Psychic Dogs My Life

  Brad Elliot:  +love

  Dave Brinks:  The Caveat Onus

  Frank Sherlock & Brett Evans:
    Ready to Eat

  Megan Burns:
     memorial + Sight Lines

  Marthe Reed: Tender Box

  Randy Prunty: Fish Log

  NOLAFugees: Year Zero

  Hank Lazer:  Days

  Richard Martin: Boink

  Joel Dailey: Lower 48


Saddle Stitched Chapbooks:

  Andy Young

  Dave Brinks

  Joy Lahey

  Camille Martin

  Alex Rawls

  Vincent Farnsworth

  Andy di Michele


Books by Bill Lavender:

  transfixion (Garret County /
    Trembling Pillow)

  I of the Storm (Trembling Pillow)

  31 Poems (Lavender Ink Chap)

  Another South (Alabama UP)

  While Sleeping (Chax)

  look the universe is dreaming

      (Potes and Poets)

  Guest Chain (Video Press)

Other Media

nf   Baddog


(Poet's Corner)



Trembling Pillow Press

Chax Press

Big Bridge


Electronic Poetry Center

E•ratio Postmodern Poetry


Tata Nacho

University of New Orleans

Ezra, a Journal of Translation


Anny Balladini's poetry blog project

Charles Bernstein

Jake Berry

Brad Elliott

Skip Fox

Jesse Loren

Ron Silliman









Bookstores and Libraries:

Libraries: Purchase orders may be emailed or mailed to:
Lavender Ink
3216 St. Philip
New Orleans, LA 70119

No faxes please.

Bookstores: Terms vary depending on quantity and availability, but the general rule is 40% discount plus shipping. Purchase orders may be mailed to the address above or emailed. Return policy: books may be returned in perfect condition for a $15.00 flat restocking fee; vendor pays all shipping.

Email questions and order information to and we will respond promptly.

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