Rogue Embryo by Camille Martin


5.5x7 inches, saddle stitched with slip cover, 24 pages

a small number of print copies still available

email for information

pdf version coming soon

from Rogue Embryo


eyes hurt to think of language maybe cause the city a vagueness of tongue or electricity being an accident water feeds the fountain for a cocky day to allow openness inventing the invention of speech to a big mistake nowhere you only work with things that don’t exist as mountain shades into school of Roman gardens in the pink an issue to enfold the times recently miss knowing its recession into memory


continual affirmation how is a bridge we insist upon this much I don’t know growing out of stone the plants dribble their hours into ordinary mountains to climb until variety of breakage only impossible not to “cohere as” complains it has no origin in mannerisms of comprehension forgot to lose the keys while boundary comes to a point regaining sky at a glance represents a requiem for requiems and the itch of heaven towing the form of a unique isolated particularity to a blame of slow significance in a foreground afield this continuity of a lasting adjustment of sex

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