Stoning the Devil

P.F.S. Post





love love

take night

trains: out, through


woods. dantean

“tracks”. go. hedge


bets. suffer. if. lots

of “if” you must live


with. that’s love:

“if”. not a


condition, but a

possibility. receding


horizon. think “if”,

reach. sacred


procedure. believe

in it, not you. you’re “what”.     



Adam Fieled




AB - How would you characterize your blog you should describe it to one of us, i.e. another blogger?


AF - "Stoning the Devil" is a typical "personal" blog; I use it to guide people to my other stuff on the Net, poets & musicians I like, etc. "PFS Post" is meant to function more like a journal. Its purpose is to showcase experimental/innovative poetry from around the world in a "live" (i.e. constantly changing & growing) context.






AB - I sometimes regard my blog as a safe place where I can meet my chosen people, is this the same for you?


AF - That's a tough one. I've had several experiences with "blog stalkers", people who use pseudonyms to identify themselves on Blogger & leave nasty or destructive comments. So, I can't say Blogger feels entirely safe. However, I feel that I've learned how to present my opinions in such a way that no one gets upset. There are even some "chosen people" that I commune with, as you said. 






AB - I am wondering do we sometimes forget that personal remarks, notes, poems are there for everybody to be seens?


AF - No. I think about that all the time, and I'm very careful. I've had to tone myself down considerably for "Stoning the Devil" to continue.






AB - Do you post many poems on your blog? Is there an actual difference in-between publishing online, mainly through a blog, or printed publishing?


AF - Good question. I do occasionally put poems up. Print vs. Net is a huge debate. I think the best approach is to strike a balance so that "all bases are covered". Ideally, the ratio of stuff on the Net to print stuff should be equal. Still, because so many post-avant journals are Web journals, I, personally, wind up publishing more on the Net.






AB - What kind of actual or immaterial feedback do you receive from publishing online through a blog?


AF - People like Lars Palm, Steve Halle, and others leave comments encouraging, agreeing or disagreeing. I enjoy that aspect of blogging.






AB - What do you think of the Blogosphere when related to blogs that deal with poetry?


AF - Well, its kind of the "medium du jour". Most name poets, on the post-avant side at least, have blogs. It will be interesting to see how the blog develops and continues as time goes by, if the phenomenon will endure or not. I'm really not sure.








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