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Pelican Dreaming



Later he would walk down to the lagoon

to look for the pelicans. They were

his touchstone, the way their

solid bodies gave substance to the

landscape, a centre to it. Only when

they found him would he return.


Mark Young




To blog


- Not a question but a necessary part of this day & age, especially for someone who lives at a distance from any centre of "cultural" activity & especially so for someone who works in a medium / style that, if a discussion group was convened for everyone within a 1500k radius of like-minded tendencies, I would be the only one present. It's a major part of my life, along with emails & ezines. The question is how often to blog, what to blog about.



- Characterising my blog


The ravings of a madman that occasionally make sense, try to be humourous & occasionally bring to the surface my longheld socialist beliefs.



- Safe place?


Never. But a place where friends meet on common ground, always.


- Forgetting visibilty


Never. But who gives a fuck anyway? Though I do keep a modicum of concealment about my personal life or, perhaps more particularly, about the person I share my life with. This is a small town........



- Many poems


Many, many poems. Primarily a poetry blog but one for blog poetry. I tend to try & keep my best for submission, but am surprised to discover - as I did with my last collection - just what a substantial body of work I have posted. Yes, I consider there's a difference between on- & offline publishing. I'm a great proponent for electronic work, contribute to print only when asked, but I like the feel & look of print, even though you can do more electronically. Hence the two variants for Otoliths, even though it's the same material.



- Feedback


Maybe not feedback but continuity of contact. The bulk of those I would call friends I have never met so the blog is a point of contact for a loose group of people who all keep in touch with what one another's doing.



- Blogosphere poetry


Lots of crap, lots of good stuff, lots of posturing, lost of academic wankers. The loose group that I mentioned earlier is almost entirely made up people to whom academia is anathema. Some brilliant poetic blogs around, though - kirsten kaschock, harry k stammer, ray craig, jean vengua's poetry blog are, for me, places where some of the best poetry going around today can be found.






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