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Under the Sky of No Complaint


Under the Sky of No Complaint

Richard Martin

ISBN: 978-1-935084-42-6

150 pages: $15.00

May, 2013

Joint Publication with Fell Swoop

It’s not so often there is a poet so simply a pleasure and so secure in what he has to offer. Martin knows what he’s doing and has that dependable virtue.

—Robert Creeley on Richard Martin

Richard Martin’s Under the Sky of No Complaint takes the reader on a metaphysical journey where absurdity and what we’ve come to accept as reality collide, and a remarkably original and transformative language emerges. This is poetry that is meditative, acutely observant, and unsettling.  “I have a message to someone somewhere” Martin assures us in the book’s title poem.  Richard Martin is exactly a poet we need in these strange times.

-W.E. Butts, New Hampshire Poet Laureate
Author of Cathedral of Nervous Horses

Under the Sky of No Complaint is – as most of Richard Martin’s work – multi-dimensional. The poems in this new collection explode with humor, energy and originality. In the poem, “Talking Heads on Mute,” he writes: “Media is a gall bladder attack/And after the installation of deliberate falsehoods/Will fully recover.” Martin’s creative intelligence and vision, complex in revelation, make Under the Sky of No Complaint an essential read.

-Bill Kemmett
Author of Black Oil

Richard Martin’s Under the Sky of No Complaint, a compilation of recent chapbooks and new work, provides the opportunity for uninitiated readers of his work to punch narrative’s heavy bag in the gut. Through imagery, phrasing, and juxtaposition, Martin works the page like a carpenter without a hammer, a taxi driving De Niro whose meter has transmogrified into an interstellar abacus. Prepare to count your change! Metaphysics is the coin of Martin’s poetry.

-J.V. Miller
Author of What Else Do Want?

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