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We offer a variety of services to other publishers and writers. Please use the Contact Form to the left or simply email for a quote on any and all of your editorial or design needs.

Graphic Design

Whether you are a publisher with a project you don't want to design in-house, or a writer considering self-publication, or anyone else looking for professional graphic design for a print publication, let us give you a quote. We've designed hundreds of books, chapbooks, pamphlets and posters so you know you'll get professional results. Unlike most contemporary designers, our knowledge of the trade comes from the study of the history of publishing. Fontography and graphic design didn't begin with Photoshop, and the conventions and procedures developed over the centuries by the great technicians of moveable type are still valid in our new digital formats.  We also, however, are familiar with ebooks and can prepare a publication for print, web, and ebook formats with the same attention to quality.

Detailed Editorial and Revision Suggestions

Finished with your first pass through your novel, nonfiction project or book of poems? In addition to simple copy-editing, we can provide detailed and extensive editorial readings with notations concerning manuscript weaknesses and strengths, suggestions for both large and small-scale revisions, and ideas for appropriate publication venues or agencies.

Preparing Creative Manuscripts for Submission

Is your novel or nonfiction project or book of poems finished and ready to submit to a publisher or agent? We can help by preparing your submission package. Publishers and agents who sometimes review dozens of manuscripts every day depend on rapid first impressions in deciding which manuscripts to take to the next level. A good, market-savvy cover letter and synopsis can make the difference between an immediate rejection and a careful reading. We can't guarantee you'll get published, but we can certainly help you get your foot in the door.

Copy Editing for Theses and Dissertations

Simple copy-editing, consisting of correcting typographical, grammatical and stylistic errors, is not expensive and can make the difference between a sloppy and a perfect thesis or dissertation. Our knowledge of MLA and Chicago Manual of Style conventions will save you from time-consuming stylistic revisions and save your Review Committee from having to mark minor errors (which always puts them in a bad mood).

If any of these services seem like something you might need, simply fill out the Contact Form from the main menu or email with any questions you may have.