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Where to buy Lavender Ink and Diálogos Books


There are several ways to buy the books we publish. One easy way is simply to buy them from this web site. We make the most money on them when you do it that way, and since we constantly struggle at or just below break-even, we appreciate your shopping in that way. But you can also feel free to order from your neighborhood bookstore or the standard online sources (who sometimes will discount out titles and undersell us; that's ok-- go ahead and take advantage of the best deal you find).

If you prefer to pay by check rather than using our shopping cart here on the website, just email your order to orders@lavenderink.org. We will respond with a digital invoice you can include with your payment.

Bookstores and Libraries:

We handle our own fulfillment of wholesale orders. We offer standard trade discounts and terms. To order from us, send a purchase order via email to orders@lavenderink.org. You may also fax the PO to (602) 707-7528. We will respond to your order with precise terms.


We provide desk copies and in some instances review copies to teachers who assign our books. Email orders@lavenderink.org with your request.