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Angle of Incidence / Shades


Angle of Incidence / Shadesdialogos

Peter Thompson

ISBN 978-1935084273

68 pages: $15.00

December, 2012


“In contrast to the jabbery laptop of what passes for poetry these days, Peter Thompson offers something real. From streets and bars and kitchens (Madrid, Naples, America) come these quiet songs of experience, awash in saudade, disillusionment, and wry compassion. “My sadness is luminous,” wrote Alexander Pushkin. Thompson’s sketches from life—limpid, penetrating, elegant—will make you cry… and happy, too.” 

—Henry Gould

This unique double volume of original poems by acclaimed translator Peter Thompson crosses borders of language, culture and media. 

Angle of Incidence, a finalist for the National Poetry Series as well as competitions at The Colorado Review and Verse, considers the boundaries of language and image in a series of ekphrastic poems based on paintings by modern masters from Edward Hopper to Pablo Picasso to Francis Bacon.

Shades is a poetic travelogue collecting meditations on place, temporality and the life of the past from the poet’s extensive travels in Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

Peter Thompson teaches modern languages and literature at Roger Williams University. Recently he has translated Léon-Paul Fargue’s Poèmes (2003), Véronique Tadjo’s first book of poetry, Red Earth, (2006), and Nabile Farès’s Hearing Your Story (2008) and A Passenger From The West (2010), along with Nassira Azzouz’s The Gates of The Sun (2010). His translation of Tchicaya u Tam’si’s The Belly—the first full-length translation of Tchicaya’s poetry—appears in 2013.  He has edited two anthologies of francophone literature, and edits Ezra: An Online Journal of Translation






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