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Lower 48


Lower 48

Joel Dailey

ISBN 10: 0966384628

ISBN 13: 978-0966384628

96 pages: $9.00

May, 1999



Andrei Codrescu:

Joel Dailey uses an extremely sharp facet of the Language Crystal to operate on a flabby world that has had the nerve to be his. As unsparing as the jagged edge is, it quakes with laughter even as it cuts. This is the poetry of the Laughing Shiv, powered by eloquence. The effect is like watching a snail shell form, language turning in on itself as the LS carves and carves its cliche-plump and pop-full meat. Dare I say it? Joel Dailey is the Robinson Jeffers of Post-Pop, an expansive nature poet whose nature is on TV. His work contains also the most thorough on-going critique of pretention in whatever form she may have been proclaimed. The shiv aims for the phoniness in the zeitgeist and comes off bloody more often than not.


Also by Joel Dailey, My Psychic Dogs My Life

Anselm Hollo:

"My philosophy— velocity!," says Joel Dailey (in "Infection, Detection, Rejection), and it serves him both well and right! The poems in this book have more exclamation points, visible and invisible, than the collected workds of Alexander Dumas the Elder. Perfect for both space and time capsules, they embody the delirious over-amped atmosphere of Y2K US

"where the rubber fits snugly over the arching banana...
where the Sunned & the Stunned wait
for excrement to happen."

On a planet entranced by Amerikana, Joel Dailey's works are bound for international and eventually intergalactic acclaim! No question! Any questions? No? Well, then (to mildly paraphrase Doc Williams), fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to laugh like hell!

Hank Lazer:

Joel Dailey's Lower 48 is an energetic, humorous, edgy successor to Allen Ginsberg's "America." In Dailey's end of the millennium America, "pricetags dangled from the clouds" and "every personal memory I've ever cherished is/ on TV!" Dailey wanders this world of manipulative consumerism resisting its hold with his blazing stun-guns of outrage, paranoia, passion, and comedy, leaving a laminated America del Norte in his wake.


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