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Fuck Poems: An Exceptional Anthology


Fuck Poems- An Exceptional Anthology

edited by Vincent A. Cellucci

ISBN 978-1935084211

EBOOK ISBN 978-1935084228

230 pages: $15.00

November, 2012


Fuck Poems informs the carnal and vulgate with the poetic and creative agency they were born from, insisting that the art is as vital as procreation.  In the tradition of Sappho and Catullus, Henry Miller and Anais Nin, yet relentlessly contemporary, this collection will titillate and infuriate, arouse and denounce, appropriating the inappropriate until the normal dissipates.


Instead of being limited to representations of previously published work, this anthology presents original work and ends with an epic collaborative fuck poem (orgy poem?)—insisting that the emphasis remain on the creative act and not the individual contributor.  Fuck Poems, through the lens of its titular topic, addresses, subtly or overtly, the overarching issues of our day: technology and capitalism, academia and writing, the body and the text.


This exceptional poetry anthology boasts 50+ contributors, living legends among them, hailing from all over the globe.  Lavender Ink dares commit this anthology to paper and e-devices, but do you dare own it?


Featuring poems by:

Lillian-Yvonne BertramJ. BradleyDeWitt BrinsonPeyton BurgessMegan BurnsPeter BurzynksiDoritt CarrollRuxandra CesereanuBenjamin Marion CockfieldRich CooperMel CoyleKoraly DimitriadisBeth Ann FennellySkip FoxTimothy GagerGeoffrey GatzaFrank GiampietroLara GlenumRobert GraySammy GreenspanBrock GuthrieJohn David HardingClarinda HarrissMatt HartSara HenningMichael HoermanAnna HurstBenjamin LowenkronVictoria MansbergerLeslie Anne McilroyVirginia McLureLaura MullenJenn Marie NunesMaria R. PalaciosDavid Parker Jr.Kristin SandersChristopher ShipmanLayth SihanChancelier “Xero” SkidmoreDustin SmithSusan Kirby-SmithJordan SoykaMark SpitzerAlex SteinChris TonelliMegan VolpertAnne WaldmanKik WilliamsChris WisePhillip Zimmerle


Files available:

Press Release, full color (pdf, 3.5 mb)

Press Release, gray (pdf, 2.5 mb)

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