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Chris Sullivan

ISBN 978-1935084136

100 pages: $10.00

October, 2011

Mere NOLA is Mother New Orleans, and these poems take us back to the cradle of language. Here is language that is absolutely without guile, truth without effort.



Mere Nola got me. It's the first poetry book in a very long time I read cover to cover and felt bad that it didn't go on. It's a hell of a book, memoir, diary, journal, told with perfect pitch, great ear, perfect spoken Ingles. Tremendous writer, truly, master of the new Nawrleans lit, if not a chef d'ecole.
-- Andrei Codrescu

About The Author

Colorado reminds me of a really pretty teenage girl—god she’s pretty—that the boys tend to treat very-very badly.
Take Highway 287 south at Laramie off I-80 to enter Virginia Dale and follow to Loveland to see this simile
come about. One winter being enough, another looming, not much work in the shop, with places to stay in the most
interesting region of the United States in the fall of 2005, I followed Highway 287 1340 miles south...





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