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Say What

Jimmy Ross

ISBN 978-1935084341

130 pages: $15.00

May, 2013

Cover Art by Herbert Kearney.



Lavender Ink is proud to present a long overdue retrospect of poet, performer and raconteur Jimmy Ross, including poetry, stories and a play by this New Orleans icon. No one captures the texture of New Orleans and the gritty realities of American life quite like Jimmy Ross.


Reading or listening to Jimmy Ross is like riding across America’s psyche on a vintage bus next to H. L. Mencken’s teddy bear.  Jimmy Ross is nothing short of a New Orleans legend and treasure.
—Chris Champagne



To an Unidentified Insect


I do not like you on my arm
you have six legs yourself,
before you come to serious harm
please take them someplace else.
I don’t have time to count my fleas
or picnic with my ants,
I’d never let the likes of you
go crawling up my pants.
I don’t believe I like you
the slightest little bit;
and now I shall quietly place you
in Herbie Kearney’s grits. 







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