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The Wisdom of Ashes

Jonathan Kline

ISBN: 978-1-935084-36-5
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-935084-44-0

100 pages: $15.00

June, 2013


The Wisdom of Ashes is a web of stories connecting two poets, a nun, a black and white dog, and a huge red balloon to a heroin addict, the devil, the dead, and a mousy little man in a woman’s wool overcoat, in New Orleans in the early 1980s. In 44 moments, this novel weaves light and dark, memory and forgetting, madness and war, with smell of jasmine and the sound of cicadas in a walk along the levy.  


Jonathan Kline, the consummate story-teller, delivers a diorama of New Orleans that shows the universality of our pain and guilt. Here is an artist lending us his eyes and heart in a hauntingly beautiful prayer to the human abyss.
—Christian Champagne, author of The Yat Dictionary


Jonathan Kline’s The Wisdom of Ashes is lagniappe for readers who know New Orleans intimately and for those who hunger for its carnivalesque secrets. This novel echoes the realism of Honoré de Balzac, Mark Twain and Flannery O’Connor; its texture is blessed by Saint Dymphna. Kline portrays his visions of the city’s time, characters, climates, and rhythms with remarkable distinction.
—Jerry W. Ward, Jr., author of The Katrina Papers


Story-teller and poet Jonathan Kline is the author of 96 Nudes: A Poetic Oracle. His work has been published in A Gathering of the Tribes, Big Bridge, Yawp, and The Maple Leaf Rag.  He has performed in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans, Cork and Dublin Ireland. He teaches visual art in the New Orleans public schools.

"Novels by poets are usually, in some way or another, as pointless as poetry itself is. Not this one."  Read the review by Richard Derus at SPBR.



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