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The New Yat Dictionary: Revised Edition

Christian Champagne

ISBN: 978-1-935084-49-5

130 pages: $16.95

November, 2013


The New Yat Dictionary, Revised Edition by Chris Champagne, includes all the words included in the first edition of The Yat Dictionary, plus expanded definitions and lots of new words submitted by readers and by the author. James Nolan says of Chris Champagne: "What Dylan Thomas did for Welsh, Chris Champagne does for YAT." And now, for the second time, what Chris has done for Yat is compiled into a complete reference for tourists and New Orleanians alike. As noted scholar and linguist Dr. Nancy Dixon says, “If you ain’t got this book, how you gonna talk right, Dawlin?”


Learn to speak, read and write YAT with Chris Champagne's expanded edition of The YAT Dictionary. Improve your vocabulary even if you think you're a YAT.  Guaranteed to turn you into a YAT in ten days unless you're laughing too hard to take the test.
--Chris Wiltz..

If scholars in a hundred years want to study the foibles of New Orleans, they will turn to Chris Champagne, but then again scholars usually ain’t that smart.
--Ronnie Virgets

A chronicler of our town and our times, Chris Champagne is the boiled crab of comedy.
--Chris Rose

What Dylan Thomas did for Welsh, Chris Champagne does for YAT.
--James Nolan



Do you know a Yat word that we missed in this dictionary and ought ot add in subsequent editions? Click here to go to our add-a-word form.


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