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Richard Martin

ISBN: 978-0-9710861-1-1
260 Pages (pdf format optimized for screen viewing.)

This Lavender Ink classic from 2009 is now available for free download in pdf format. Click here to download.

Only a few paperback copies of this title remain. Please email an inquiry if you are interested in the paper version.

Richard Martin's indelible Boink probes the Obvious as it plumbs the Past of a creative mind adrift in this American popped kulture. This unclassifiable genre-buster is hilarious in places, poignant in others. Reading, experiencing, memorizing Boink is the only antidote for the Future.

— Joel Dailey

Martin starts right in with the multidimensionality in Boink. "Chunks" of a novel, poems, and "wry comments" set in the 50th year of his life. And it is almost intuitively prophetic that the form is perfect for electronic and mainstream publication. There is the ongoing narrative, and the "Notes" which further fragment the day's inner process conjoining the entire process. His landscape is set in the practical and wanders off into the absurd, a nice trick. Stock full of philosophy street style, and classical references, ongoing comments on the poetic, and stand up comedy. Admit it, we've all been "boinked" a few times, so why not again?

— Peter Kidd

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