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Carolyn Levy and Carole Cambon

ISBN 978-1-935084-97-6 (pap)
978-1-935084-95-2 (ebook)

190 pages: $16.00

June, 2016

Who killed Regina? Did she shoot a bullet through the pillow to make it look like her husband had murdered her? Or did he really do it? Or was it the Mayor?

Who killed Regina—Regina herself, her husband or the Mayor? In the sweltering summer of 1984, this was the sensational murder case that gripped New Orleans….

If you can laugh at the foibles of your own set, you will certainly laugh at Carolyn Levy and Carole Cambon's inside view of New Orleans uptown Jewish society, and its interaction with the shiksas who want to marry into some of that gelt. That is if the girls can keep the gefilte fish and horseradish down.
—Lee Meitzen Grue




Carole Cambon was born and educated in uptown New Orleans and later attended UCLA. She did a bit of ghost writing before returning to New Orleans with her husband to go into business. After reading The Feminine Mystique, she enrolled at Loyola Law School where she wrote a Law Review article on the unconstitutionality of the first prosecution of Governor Edwin Edwards (from which he was acquitted).

When Hurricane Katrina approached, Carole evacuated to Los Angeles to join her daughter, son-in-law and grandson. She is now retired from the practice of law and attends discussion groups and book clubs when she is not working on her new novel, set in Los Angeles.

Carolyn Levy was born and raised in New Orleans. In fourth grade she tested very high in writing ability, and her course was set. She earned a BA in French from University of New Orleans and pursued a Master's at Northeastern in Boston. She returned to New Orleans and married attorney A. J. Levy. Thereafter she traveled widely and wrote constantly in airports, on airplanes, in hotel lobbies and at her kitchen table. Writing is a pleasure, redrafting is work, but she persists. Her husband writes law books, and their daughter, Elizabeth Kleinveld, is a photographer who also publishes books.