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the red one

Thaddeus Conti

ISBN 978-1944884154

390 pages: $25.00

October, 2016

In this sequel to his ground-breaking and outrageous aepoetics, Thaddeus Conti continues his explorations of the dark side, this time in a series of 375 drawings that chronicle the depths of the American nightmare.



"Like Dionysus himself, Thaddeus is twice-born. Seems the first time, in the a.m., he managed to bring the womb along with him. So they stuffed him back in, separated him from the uterine lining, &, in the p.m., re-delivered him. All on a Halloween day in New Orleans. And since the good padre couldn't very well name our protagonist after the dithyrambic god of tantric intoxication, he went with (Jude) Thaddeus, the flame-headed patron of desperate cases & lost causes. In lieu of/en route to being thrice-born, he aspires to leave behind- in tubs of Tupperware- ten thousand x-fine pen-&-ink line drawings. As for a price tag, well, he'd rather give you a drawing gratis, for, were he to charge what it cost him, you couldn't begin to afford it, Cap'n."

—David Rowe, from the Introduction to aepoetics.


See also aepoetics, Thaddeus Conti's ground-breaking original collection.






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