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Thinking in Jewish (N20)

by Hank Lazer
ISBN: 978-1-944884-27-7 (pbk)
(December, 2017)
...all encompassing, emotionally intellectual, and forged in a state of continuous spirituality...--José Kozer
(Pulitzer Prize Nominee)

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Crossing Bryan Ferry and Other Poems

Izzy Oneiric
ISBN 978-1935084-98-3
86 pages: $16.00 -- March, 2016
"Like punk patches stitched to a well-worn denim jacket..."   —Jenn Marie Nunes

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William Bradley
ISBN 978-1935084-89-1
150 pages: $16.00 (reduced to $12.50)-- February, 2016
"Smart, funny, heartbreaking, and captivating... a must-read for lovers of essays." —Steven Church

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A Walk Among the Bogus

Owen Hill
ISBN 978-1935084-57-0
150 pages: $16.00 -- May, 2014
"a tremendous gift..."   —Jonathan Lethem

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The Dunning Man

Kevin Fortuna
ISBN 978-1935084-63-1 (cloth) -64-8 (paper) -65-5 (ebook) 978-1944884-18-5 (paper)
140 pages: $14.95 -- October, 2014
“I’m in awe of this story collection. A wonderful debut.”   — Joseph Boyden

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Steven Church
ISBN 978-1935084-70-9
170 pages: $16.00 -- December, 2014
"Ultrasonic gives booming confirmation: Church’s is a voice we should all listen to." —Patrick Madden

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Nights Reading

Marthe Reed
ISBN 978-1935084-68-6
120 pages: $16.00 -- September, 2014
…a major coming forth…    —Jerome Rothenberg

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Feels Like Home Again: Collected Poems

Joel Weishaus
ISBN 978-1935084-26-6
220 pages: $18.00 -- March, 2014
Tracing forty years of Joel Weishaus’ natural, poetic and spiritual life...

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Island Fog

John Vanderslice
ISBN 978-1935084-41-9
300 pages: $17.95 -- October, 2014
"a chilling tour-de-force worthy of Chesterton or Borges..." —Garry Craig Powell

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