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Sound and Basin

Megan Burns

ISBN 978-1935084280

100 pages: $15.00

March, 2013

Joint publication with Trembling Pillow Press


Sound and Basin is a collection of poems rooted in geography, in landscapes, in the interstices where land and water collect and cohere to build memory. These poems carry the burden of ecological threats, the inevitable presence of extinction; the intersections are stopping points to collect and to name in the face of forgetting. From the oldest known carved bone, the Ishango bone, to the infrastructure that underlies the mystery of any city, “the threadwork holding together the castle” is contained in these poems that attempt to sing before the silence prevails. 



Megan Burns edits the poetry magazine, Solid Quarter. Her book Memorial + Sight Lines was published in 2008 by Lavender Ink. She has four chapbooks, Frida Kahlo: I am the poem and Framing a Song (Trembling Pillow Press), irrational knowledge (Fell Swoop press) and a city/ bottle boned (Dancing Girl Press). She lives in New Orleans where she and poet Dave Brinks run the weekly 17 Poets! Literary and Performance Series ( as well as Trembling Pillow Press ().



This book is a joint publication with Trembling Pillow.