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The Loup Garou: A Lunar Cycle

Moose Jackson
Introduction by Kathy Randels

ISBN 978-1935084099

68 pages: $12.00

July, 2010


here’s an edge zone between
water and land
monster and man
love and lust; blood and rust
righteous anger and
blind carnal rage
that’s the territoire of the Loup Garou

on the savage bayou
the leeward side of the moon…

What is a Loup Garou?

He is a wild and dangerous entity (some say a werewolf ) well anchored in the folk traditions of southern Louisiana. His story comes from France through Acadia down the Mississippi and numerous inland routes to Louisiana.

Here, in print for the first time, is the text of the critically acclaimed environmental performance that investigates the deep interconnections between land and culture in Louisiana. This compelling poem is part performance, part ritual, part howl to the world about the plight of southeast Louisiana and all the other places in the nation and the world facing environmental destruction from corporate development.


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