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Tender Box: A Wunderkammer

Marthe Reed

Drawings by Rikki Dukornet

ISBN  978-0971086173

66 pages: $10.00

May, 2007

Ekphrastic engagements with sculptures and jewelry by the artist Michael Lee Kalish and other objects, these poems take the Renaissance cabinets of curiosities as point of departure. Reed's textual wunderkammer assembles a miniature world of wonders, her poems navigating the curious space of the "fabulous," that "science" of speculation, acquisitiveness, and contemplation.  The collection includes six ink drawings by novelist-artist Rikki Ducornet. 

Read excerpts at the Louisiana Poetry Project.


Marthe Reed's most recent book is Gaze (Black Radish Books); a third book is forthcoming from Moria Books. She has also published three chapbooks, post*cards: Lafayette a Lafayette(with j/j hastain), and zaum alliterations, all as part of the Dusie Kollektiv Series. Her poetry has appeared in New American Writing, Golden Handcuffs Review, New Orleans Review, HOW2, MiPoesias, Fairy Tale Review, Exquisite Corpse, BlazeVOX, and The Offending Adam, among others.











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