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About Lavender Ink and Diálogos

Lavender Ink was founded in 1995 in New Orleans by Bill Lavender, who is still the Director and Editor in Chief. The Press is a sole-proprietorship, not a 501-C3 nor any other type of corporation, and is funded solely by revenues from book sales and some small grants and funding initiatives for individual books. Prior to 2012 the press published only poetry, but is now publishing fiction, nonfiction and other genres, also. Diálogos is an imprint of Lavender Ink devoted to literatures which have cross-cultural significance, primarily but not exclusively literature in translation. It is envisioned, too, that such work will often have a political component.

Although there is no formal editorial board, submissions are peer-reviewed via a large network of poets, writers and scholars around the world. Many of the authors and translators in our current list peer-review new submissions, and though the list of those who have helped out in the past is long, we single out Peter Thompson, professor of romance languages at Roger Williams University, longtime friend and supporter of the press, whose advice on matters of translation and world literature we cannot do without. It was out of conversations with Peter that Diálogos was born.

Bookstores and Resellers

Please email us for order information. Many of our more recent titles are distributed by Small Press Distribution, and most of the fiction titles are available from Ingram, and everything is available directly from us. Our complete backlist is available on this site. Enter any title, author, or ISBN in one of the search boxes and you should find it. ISBNs should be searchable with or without dashes.


If you would like to assign one of our books for a class, we offer free desk copies for you and discounted prices for your students. Please email us the course title, time frame, and anticipated number of students and we’ll send you a desk copy and a coupon code for your students to use.


Despite the fact that we closed submissions three years ago, we are still (as of Spring 2022) backlogged. If you would like to submit a manuscript, email a query to bill@lavenderink.org. Please study our list (and maybe even do the unthinkable and actually buy a book) prior to your query. The first line of your query should be: “After reading ______________ and ____________ and _____________ I think my work might be a good fit with your press.” This will tell me that you read this page and at least gave the matter a moment of thought. Cold queries that don’t contain this line will not be answered.

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