Youna Kwak wins French Voices Grand Prize

Youna Kwak, the brilliant translator of Véronique Bizot‘s Gardeners, due out from Diálogos this June, has won this year’s Grand Prize in translation from the FACE (French American Cultural Exchange) Foundation in the US, for her sample translation of Daewoo by François Bon (Fayard, 2004). Look for publication from Diálogos in 2019. This will be the first full-length work by Bon, who is highly regarded in France, translated into English.

“Daewoo is an evocative and powerful novel based on documentary research and interviews with former employees of the Korean corporation. It focuses on the stories of four women and on the haunting absence of a fifth one, Sylvia, who committed suicide after the plant closed.

“The reader is moved and devastated by this exploration of those who have fought to the point of losing connection with life, or even life itself, for one of them.”
—Le Matricule des anges

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