Recently signed; forthcoming in 2024 and early 2025 (list update 5/29):

Of Desire and Decarceration, by Belgian Francophone poet Charline Lambert, translated by John Taylor.

Cicatrices du Soleil (Sun Scars), poetry by the revered Moroccan writer Tahar Ben Jelloun, translated by Jake Syersak.

What Were You Thinking? Essays 2006–2023, Hank Lazer’s selected prose.

All Fall Down, new poetry from Ralph Adamo.

sympathy for the salami, poems by Serbian poet, playwright, screenwriter, and cultural icon Milena Marković, translated by Maja Teref and Steven Teref.

I and Eucalyptus, meditations and photographs, by Susan Schultz.

Phaeton’s Wheels, poems by Dennis Formento, winner of the Faulkner-Wisdom prize.

Flores raras [escondido país], edited by Jesse Lee Kercheval and Silvia Guerra, an anthology of 55 Uruguayan women poets born before 1940 (Spanish only; joint publication with Yaugurú, Montevideo).

Volverse/Volver, (Becoming/Return), new poetry from Mark Statman, third book of his lyrical Mexican series.