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Photo: Wojtek Urbanek

Colin Broderick was raised Irish Catholic in the heart of Northern Ireland. In 1988, at the age of twenty, he moved to the Bronx to drink, work construction, and pursue his dream of becoming a writer. For the next twenty years, as he drank himself into oblivion: there were failed marriages, car wrecks, hospitals and jail cells. Few people who have been a slave to an addiction as vicious, destructive, and unrelenting as Broderick’s have lived to tell their tale.

Colin is the author of two ground-breaking memoirs, That’s That, which tells the story of his childhood in Northern Ireland, and Orangutan, which chronicles his emigration to the U.S. He has also written screenplays for several films, including Emerald City, a story of Irish construction workers in New York. He has published articles in The Irish Echo, The Irish Voice, and The New York Times.


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