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asJill Darling has an MFA in creative writing and a Ph.D. in literature and cultural studies. In addition to a geography of syntax, her poetry collection, Solve For, is available as a full-length e-book at BlazeVox Books. She has also published a small collection of poems, begin with may: a series of moments, and two collaborative chapbooks with Laura Wetherington and Hannah Ensor: at the intersection of 3, and The First Steps are the Deepest. Her critical poetics essays can be found on How2 and Something on Paper online. She’s also had poems, essays, and short fiction published in journals including Denver Quarterly, /NORAufgabe580 SplitQuarter After EightfactorialRampikeHorse Less Review, Two Serious LadiesUnlikely Stories, and in the anthology Poetic Voices Without Borders. Darling has won awards for creative writing from The Academy of American Poets, and the Mary Anderson Center for the Arts in Indiana. She teaches writing at colleges in and around southeast Michigan and lives in Ypsilanti.



Author Web Site

Solve For

begin with may: a series of moments

Poetic Voices Without Borders

 at the intersection of 3

“The Content of Essay Form: on Reading Carla Harryman’s Adorno’s Noise,” in HOW2 

“Laura Mullen: Enduring Freedom,” in Something on Paper 2

Two poems in Horse Less Review

“Cell Fragments, a Reflection in Color,” in Two Serious Ladies

Two Poems in Unlikely Stories

“Laundry, and Other Domestic Advice” in Spring Gun Journal 9