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Joel Dailey is the founder and editor in chief of the legendary Fell Swoop poetry journal, which after 30 years and more than 120 issues remains the preeminent vehicle of American letters. Author of dozens of books and chapbooks, the reclusive and camera-shy Dailey is a god among poets in New Orleans and everywhere. Besides journal publications too numerous to mention, his works in print include:

Exploring Another Leg • Pentagram Press, 1975
Positions • Morgan Press, 1976
First Crescent • Stardancer Publications, 1976
Mars, 1953 • Rumba Train Press, 1979
Current • O2 Press, 1983
Angry Red • Blues Acre Press, 1986
Audience, Ambience, Ambulance • Blank Gun Silencer, 1993
Doppler Effects • Shockbox Press, 1993
Public Storage • Norton Coker Press, 1995
Release Window • Semiquasi Press, 1996
Hours of Fun • Blank Gun Silencer, 1996
Lower 48 • Lavender Ink, 1999
Biopic • Igneus Press, 1999
Problem 35 • Fell Swoop, 2001
Not On The Cover • Lot M, 2002
Nutria Bounce • Open 24 Hours, 2002
Wallpaper Like A Pro • Unarmed, 2007
45 Minutes To Air • Acre Press, 2008
Starring Ben Affleck • Lavender Ink, 2008
My Psychic Dogs My Life • Lavender Ink, 2008
Sex Without Trying • Nameaug Press, 2010
Surprised By French Fries • Ugly Duckling Presse, 2011


Dailey and Fell Swoop have partnered with Lavender Ink to produce these books, available on this website:


Under the Sky of No Complaint, by Richard Martin


What Else Do You Want?, by J.V. Miller


Industrial Loop, by Joel Dailey