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“For much of my life I’ve been preparing for a project that has no destination, and as most of my work during the past twenty years has been in the form of a journal, I want to take this work on a walk for the sake of walking about the rugged trails of existence-non- existence, switchbacking the sacred and profane.”

From “The Gateless Gate”


 Digital Archive [The Center for Digital Discourse and Culture, Virginia Polytechnic University]

Paper Archive [The University of New Mexico, Zimmerman Library, Albuquerque]


Beginner’s Mind

 Writing Home

 The Lost Way of Stones

 The Gateless Gate

 On The Mesa: An Anthology of Bolinas Writers.[Editor] [City Lights Books, 1971

 Oxherding: A Reworking of the Zen Text. with Block Prints by Arthur Okamura. Cranium Press, 1971

 Bits & Snatches: The Selected Poems of Sam Thomas [Editor]White Rose Press, 1973.

 The Healing Spirit of Haiku. With David Rosen and Arthur Okamura. North Atlantic Books, 2004/ WIPF & Stock,   2014.

 Feels like Home Again-Collected Poems. Lavender Ink, 2014.

CV: [pdf]