Milena Marković

Photo by Zoran-Loncarevic
Photo: Zoran-Loncarevic

Milena Marković (b. 1974) is an award-winning Serbian poet, playwright, and screenwriter. She has published seven poetry collections; her latest collection, Deca [Children], is a book-length poem published in 2021. Deca won the NIN Book of the Year Award, the Serbian equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize. The book has been adapted into an opera in Belgrade, Serbia and a play in Zagreb, Croatia. Her own plays have been staged across Europe and in the United States. She has also written screenplays for film and TV, such as Patria, winner for Best Screenplay at the FEST International Film Festival.




Marković is featured in the documentary Rudarska Opera [A Miner’s Opera], recorded on Youtube:


Milena’s IMDB page.


Translations of Marković’s poems online:

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