Owen Hill

Photo of Owen Hill by John Minihan.

Owen Hill is the author of two published novels, The Chandler Apartments (Creative Arts), and The Incredible Double (PM Press), a volume of short stories, Loose Ends (Thumbscrew Press), and a large body of chapbooks, broadsides and other fugitive publications. In the 80’s and early nineties he edited the literary magazine Blind Date. He lives in Berkeley and is employed as a buyer at Moe’s Books.


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The Chandler Apartments

The Incredible Double


Short Fiction

Loose Ends

Union Stewart



Smile (Words & Picures)

Menage a Trois (Norton Coker)

Quasi Erotic Poems (Norton Coker)

Migraine Auras (Gas Editions)

From Rolling Rock, Out (Angry Dog Midget Editons)

Songs (G.E. Collective)

Against the Weather (Blue Press)

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