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asTim VanDyke was born in Ridgewood, NJ in 1978. As a child he moved around the United States while his parents received training in mission work. In 1989, Tim moved with his family to Colombia, South America. His family was stationed at a school base called La Finca Esperanza, located in the Andes foothills just outside of Villavicencio. His father was principal of the school there, and both parents served as dorm parents as well. Tim lived with his family there until January of 1994, when FARC guerillas stormed the base and kidnapped his father and another man. Tim returned to the United States with his mother and sisters and eventually settled in Sanford, FL. He received word 2 years later that his father had been executed by FARC. Tim went on to study English at College of the Ozarks in MO, but left due to the overwrought fascism that the institution sought to nurture in the students. After wandering the country for some time, Tim relocated to Fayetteville, AR and later Booneville, AR, where he spent five years working as a psych tech in various asylums. After having a psychotic break, he returned to Sanford, FL to recover. While there, he compiled and published his first book, Topographies Drawn with a Divine Chain of Birds, and won the Nazim Hikmet Poetry Contest. He also published a chapbook, Fugue Enginewith Cannibal Books, and put out an e book, Light on the Lion’s Face: A Reading of Baudrillard’s Seduction, with Argotist. During his stay in Sanford he also released a collaborative album with Brian Howe called, The Lion’s Face. After a full recovery, Tim once again relocated to Arkansas, where he currently resides with his fiancée. He is attending school and working on his second book.



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