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Tim VanDyke is a poet living and working in Arkansas.  As a young man, he spent five years living in Colombia, South America.  At the end of his stay there, a band of terrorists from the group known as FARC, or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, raided the school base where he was staying and kidnapped his father and another man.  Both were executed about a year and a half later. 

Much of Tim’s reading and current work grow out of his experiences in Colombia.  His work plumbs both American and Latin American traditions, drawing from Dickinson, H.D., and Frank Stanford as well as Zurita and Bolano.  Much of the writing might be construed as Place, a wilderness drawn from various lines of myth, history, and memory.  His poetry has been described as, “a Cosmic lyric written in blood.”

Aside from Topographies Drawn with a Divine Chain of Birds, he has published three chapbooks: Fugue Engine(Cannibal Books 2012), Light on the Lion’s Face: A Reading of Baudrillard’s Seduction (Argotist 2012), and Farallones(Garden Door Press, 2018).  His recent work has appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, Typo, N/A Literary Journal, and The Yalobusha Review.


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